Did you know your hot tub can help with weight loss?

Whether it’s five pounds or 50, most of us have some weight we want to lose at one time or another. Exercise and a healthy diet are without a doubt the best things you can do to help control your weight. But you might be surprised to find you can get a little extra help from one of your favorite things – your hot tub!

Try these tips:

Pre-dinner soak – Soaking before a meal can help you eat less. No – really. Drink a full glass of water then enjoy a relaxing 20 minute soak in your hot tub. The heat and relaxation will diminish your appetite so you’ll eat less. It’s a nice little boost to your exercise and healthy eating plan.

Sleep better and shed some pounds – Studies have proven that people who sleep better weigh less. Specifically, that women who get at least seven hours of sleep every night keep significant weight gain over time at bay. And that the chance of major weight gain increases for women who sleep only five hours. Here’s the good news – your hot tub can help you sleep! Soak for 15 – 20 minutes about an hour before bed, and the increase and following decrease in body temp can help ease your body into slumber.

Think like the Japanese do – The Japanese bathe regularly in neck-deep hot water. Not to become clean, but for relaxation. It’s a cultural experience and a daily event. Many follow the concept of yu, where hot water bathing is as fulfilling as a meal. Try it. Try enjoying a daily soak in your hot tub where you relax and meditate – and, perhaps, avoid overloading on calories.

Best of luck on your weight loss journey. If you don’t have a hot tub but you’d like to add one to your weight loss arsenal, stop by the showroom. Any one of our Hot Spring, Hot Spot or Freeflow models would be perfect.