More hot tub time, less cable news. That’s something we can ALL agree on.

You really can’t get away from it. The talking. The yelling. The droning voices going on and on about the latest outrage in Washington or another tragedy – here, or abroad. It’s at home, it’s at work, in the car, the gym, the waiting room at the doctor’s office – even in the dining room at the fast food restaurant you popped into to grab a quick bite to eat. Sheesh.

Not only is it annoying – science has proven that all that negative news is bad for your health, too. It’s nothing new, though. Way back in 1997 they figured out that constantly watching news (which tends to be negative) makes you feel sad and anxious. Remember what was happening in the news in 1997? Compare that to the information we’re taking in today. Yowzers.

Turns out, there’s something even worse than consuming negative news all day long – starting your day with it. Another study showed watching as little as three minutes of negative news to start your day makes you 27 percent more likely to think your day was unhappy. That’s just, well, sad.

When you think about it, though, it makes sense. All that negativity just sort of builds up and affects your outlook for the entire day. But what if you started to take a different approach? What if, instead of a rundown of all the bad things that happened while you were sleeping, you started your day with a relaxing soak in your hot tub? Make the choice to give yourself a positive mood boost and start your day off right. Enjoy your morning coffee and listen to the music that always gets you moving while the invigorating hydrotherapy awakens your body and gets you ready to face whatever the day throws your way.

You can’t tell us that doesn’t sound like a much better option.