New Lead

Manual Lead Entry Form
Lead Owner
Lead Type
When you select a lead type below, it will automatically start the entire lead followup process.  This includes creating an opportunity, sending the initial brochure email, assigning an owner (above) and sending 1 year of emails.
Customer Type 
*Do Not Use for New Walk-In Customer*
Enter any new or existing customers here. If they are already a lead in the system and you enter them, the system will synchronize  the new customer record with the lead record. *Must use same email address*
ONLY Send Brochures
By selecting one of the boxes below, the lead will ONLY receive a brochure and nothing else.   If you have selected an option above, you don't need to select one of these options.
Walk-In Customer who purchased Today
This sets the opportunity stage to "Product" - Quote Sent.  You will need to go in to the Contact Record now and move them into the "Won" Opportunity Stage to show a proper conversion. You will need to complete Tasks that are applied by this selection.  Tasks will be shown in Contact Record.  Once tasks are complete Contact will be sent initial Customer Email.
Additional Options