The Best Energy-Efficient Options to Heat Your Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is an amazing addition to a backyard! There are many options available for heating an above ground pool to make sure that you can enjoy the water whenever you want. Backyard Oasis is here to assist you with all of your pool questions, maintenance, and supplies! Because we have been serving the Livingston community for almost four decades, we know just what your pool needs…anytime of the year! Let’s talk about the best energy-efficient options to heat your above ground pool.

Should I Get a Heating System for My Pool?

Installing a heating system for your pools is a convenient option to make swimming comfortable even in the cooler days of fall or the early days of spring. At Backyard Oasis, we know the importance of using high quality products to keep your pool running at its best. We carry a vast array of pool accessories from Hayward®, the world’s leading provider of above ground pool equipment. Using these amazing products will make your job of above ground pool heating that much easier. Hayward offers electric, natural gas, propane heating and even heating pumps. Any of these systems would work well – but if energy-saving is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with their solar options.

The Best Energy-Efficient Options to Heat Your Above Ground Pool

If you like to avoid using too much electricity or gas for heating your pool water, a solar option would be a great idea. You can find some amazing solar options in the Hayward selection.  Solar options are a little more affordable if you are looking to get your above ground pool heated on a tighter budget. Let one of our customer service representatives at Backyard Oasis help you decide which type of solar controller works best for your above ground pool.

Solar blankets are also a very popular option for above ground pool heating. A solar blanket traps the heat that is already in the water while it also transmits heat into the water through its thermal cells. There are three things that make solar blankets very appealing to pool owners:

  • Energy efficient
  • User friendly
  • Affordable

There are even a few solar blanket options that work to prevent water from evaporating. This ups the energy-efficiency even more as you can save water in addition to electricity. A solar blanket does the job of keeping unwanted debris and critters out too – another plus! 

The Choice is Yours

Remember – there are many options available for heating your above ground pool. Finding the right one can seem overwhelming, but there is no need to worry. Our associates are here for you! There are several factors to consider when shopping for the right heating system for your pool. The size and type of your above ground pool will play a role in your choice of heating system. Your budget and personal preferences will also contribute to your decision. Let’s get your above ground pool heated and ready for anytime swimming today! Contact us today to learn more!