Pool Features – convenient and fun

The whole point of a pool is enjoyment, right? Relaxing with your friends (or alone!) under the summer sun, or enjoying fun and games with your family. But what if you could design a pool packed with features that would enhance your enjoyment?

You can.

Pool Tanning Shelves

One of the most popular in-ground pool enhancements today is a pool tanning shelf with a built-in umbrella. Once a staple only of high-end resorts, they’ve become common in residential pools because, well, pool owners love them. These shallow ledges are 3 – 18 inches deep and provide a great way to relax and stay cool in the shade. Shallower ledges are designed to be laid on directly, while deeper ledges are meant to have lounge chairs placed on them, so you can splash yourself with water whenever you get too hot.

Tanning ledges can be designed in nearly any shape and can be made of the same material as your pool, or from a material that’s used on your decking, like flagstone. Have the umbrella sleeve built directly into the bottom of your tanning ledge, and choose a table-top style umbrella to fit your design style.

Tables and Seating

Dining tables and seating built into the pool are another popular option. Imagine lounging in your pool with a convenient place to set a drink, enjoy a meal, or play a game of cards. With this convenient feature, it’s a dream within reach!

If you’re interested in a dining table and in-pool seating, talk to us while we’re in the design stages of your pool. Several factors will determine the size and shape of the table and seating area. Once that’s set, we can incorporate most any decorative elements you wish, like coordinating the table with your other tilework or design features.

Sports Pool

Depending on your lifestyle, you might also find choosing a sports pool a big convenience and lifestyle enhancement. Even if you don’t play watersports, many families – especially those with young children – find the configuration of two shallow ends with a slightly deeper middle safer, and that it gives them more space for play.

The overall shallower depth of these pools offers another advantage, too: The lower overall water volume means you spend less on heating the pool and on pool chemicals. That’s certainly convenient.

Of course, these are just a few of the features you can incorporate into your pool design to make it more convenient. Looking for even more suggestions? Give us a call!