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In-Ground Pools

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In-ground pools are popular – they look beautiful, add value to your home, and are permanently installed.

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Lagoon Style Pools (freeform) lagoon style pools, inground pools

Lagoon style pools start with a curvy, freeform shape and offer a beautiful tropical paradise feel right in your backyard. The lagoon style is accented by rockscapes, waterfalls, cave-like grotto areas, landscaping, lighting, and other features. This type of pool is often chosen for its flexibility and unique beauty – they can be fashioned in a variety of ways to fit your desires and vision. In the end, this style gives pools a gorgeous getaway oasis feel. It’s plain to see why lagoon style pools are one of the most popular styles on the market today.

Straight Line Pools (geometric, contemporary)

Geometric, contemporary, and straight line pools get their namesake from their sleek straight and geometric lines that can complement any backyard. This style’s elegance is absolutely timeless, offering your pool looks ranging from lush and exotic to contemporary and modern.

Infinity Pools (negative edge) infinity pools, inground pools

Also referred to as vanishing or negative edge pools, infinity pools are among the most unique of pool styles due to their appearance. Infinity pools give the impression that your pool merges with another body of water such as the ocean or merges with the landscape, giving a stunning visual. In other words, it looks as if your pool simply drops off into the horizon on one or more sides. The end result looks as though the horizon extends “infinitely,” giving this pool its namesake. Exotic and exquisite, these pools can turn your backyard into a luxurious 5-star spa resort instantly.

Lap Pools

As the name implies, lap pools are specially designed for swimming laps. If you spend more time actually swimming in your pool than relaxing in it, a lap pool is the best choice for you. Lap pools offer great benefits to active swimmers, whether doing laps, playing or training for competitive water sports, practicing physical therapy, or working on personal fitness. While lap pools indeed provide swimmers with a great amount of function, they do not sacrifice form. Lap pools can be absolutely beautiful while still remaining a great source of exercise and health.

Lazy Rivers

What’s better than floating around the river in an inner tube with a cold drink in your hand? Bring the river home to your backyard with the installation of a lazy river. A lazy river – often found in water parks, hotels, spas, vacation resorts, and gyms – is a shallow pool that flows in the same way that a river typically does. The current’s slow speed – which is why it is referred to as “lazy” – gently pushes guests, lying on rafts or floats, down the river. The ultimate in leisure, a lazy river often has other accents such as waterfalls, fountains, or rock features.

Appearance and Style
The options for pool shapes and designs are endless, but for those looking to get some ideas and inspiration, please feel free to browse through the following layouts, offered below.

featured image
featured image
featured image
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Pool Features

Tanning shelves from Backyard OasisTanning Shelves – Also known as Baja shelves, sun shelves, and tanning ledges, tanning shelves are large, shallow shelves on the edge of your pool. They’re typically large enough to allow lounge chairs and an umbrella to fit comfortably on the shelf. Tanning shelves are used for – you guessed it – tanning! But they are also used for much more. Tanning shelves are shallow areas that allow you to experience the water without full immersion, so it’s a great area for pets or small children to play in the pool (with adult supervision). It also offers the elderly and handicapped a way to enjoy the pool without struggling to enter and exit the water. There are tons of ways to use this feature!

Beach Entry – Designed to give your pool a seaside feel, beach entry is a popular choice. This design replaces the typical entry steps in a pool with a gentle slope that starts at zero depth and gradually increases as you move forward into the pool. The subtle ramp style of beach entry is reminiscent of how the beach slopes into the ocean. This slope offers even the disabled a chance to enjoy the swimming pool, with slopes generally able to accommodate wheelchairs built for water use.

Benches and Swim-Outs – These features offer the same convenience as typical steps and ladders do, but take up much less surface area. They are an excellent way to save space and offer a comfortable way to enter your pool without having to jump in. They also offer swimmers a comfortable seating area where they can watch other swimmers or simply rest and relax in the deep end. Parents and grandparents can experience the pool with the little ones without having to fully submerge themselves in the water.

Waterfalls – One of the most sought-after features, waterfalls are a dazzling and elegant addition to any swimming pool. The perfect enhancement to freeform lagoon style pools, waterfalls also add creativity and beauty to more standard pool shapes. A waterfall with beautiful rock accents can add that feeling of luxury to your backyard pool and make you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere exotic. Adding a waterfall above an existing grotto area can instantly add romance and mystery to your pool. No matter how you choose to design it, a waterfall can easily add a touch of luxury to your pool.

Boulder Creations – Creating gorgeous rock formations that have style, form, and function is our specialty. Our artisan-grade boulder creations can be tailored to your exact needs and desires and are extremely versatile. Whether you use them for waterfalls, grottos, or other landscape features, boulder creations give your pool magnificent beauty, elegance, and allure.

Slides, Diving Boards, and Jump Rocks – There’s more than one way to enter a pool. Instead of stepping into your pool, add a slide or diving board for a new, fun way to dive in! You can choose from prefabricated styles and boulder creation slides to craft the slide that’s perfect for your unique pool. Or you can take the plunge and add a diving board to your pool! If you’re a fan of boulder creations and rockscapes, adding a jump rock would be an excellent choice to add fun and decorative beauty to your pool. Jump rocks function just like diving boards, except they are made from rocks and add a natural feel to your pool.

Fire Bowls – This luxury pool feature offers pool owners the beauty of fire safely, right in their own backyard. Fire bowls, though often round, can be designed in a variety of different shapes and styles to fit your specific needs. Dazzle your guests with the mesmerizing glow of a handcrafted fire bowl and add warmth to your backyard oasis.

Swim-Up Bars – It’s five o’clock somewhere! Often seen at resorts and luxury hotels, swim-up bars bring the relaxation and carefree vacation lifestyle home to your backyard. The perfect option for those who love to entertain, swim-up bars offer in-pool seating and a sunken bar area where delicious food and beverages can be made, served, and enjoyed. Your guests will love relaxing at the bar as you create signature cocktails and delicious meals for them to eat right there! Turn your pool into a hip lounge with a swim-up bar from Backyard Oasis.

Backyard Additions

  • Hot Spring Portable Spas
  • Pool and Patio Decking
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fire Pit Areas
  • Garden Walls
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation

Water Features

Sheer Descents – A sheer descent is a type of water feature that adds a straight, linear waterfall to your pool.

Laminar Deck Jets – Deck jets are fun and exciting! They form arcs of water that go from your deck or patio over into your pool/spa area. These adjustable water features are gorgeous during the day and can exhibit a host of cool colors at night!

Arc Rain – Much like deck jets, these water features use arcs to provide beautiful, natural waterfall visuals for your pool. The arcs project up into the air at 45 degrees and then make a natural arc, finally descending into your pool.

Sprayers – Sprayers are attached to the side of your pool and, as their name suggests, spray water out onto your pool. They can also be customized to spray out in different colors lit up by LEDs! Sprayers are often used to cool down the pool if it’s especially hot outside. The fountain of water from the sprayer touching back down into your pool brings the temperature down a few degrees and feels refreshing.

Water features at Backyard OasisBubblers and Fountains – Bubblers create columns of water off a shelf in your pool. They essentially make the water “bubble,” or shoot streams of water onto the surface of your pool.

Water Bowls – Water bowls are beautiful fountain-like bowls that allow water to cascade off the edges into your pool, creating a waterfall-like effect.

Pentair Automation and Controllers

Imagine controlling your pool at the touch of a button, without ever having to leave the water. Experience the convenience and ease of pool automation with Pentair brand controllers.