When we designed the new 52- and 54-inch MONTERREY above ground pool, we included a lot of features to ensure years of carefree operation and enjoyment. You can pick the perfect size and shape, and whether you prefer a Round or NBS or NBS EXP Oval pool, there’s a MONTERREY pool that’s perfect for your yard.

We start with a heavy gauge steel wall and hot-dip galvanize it. This wall is also covered with our special “Weatherizer” paint process. A decorative wall patterning is then applied over this surface and sealed by a layer of our tough “Krystal Kote®” protective coating. The rugged MONTERREY mist colored pool frame is made of 100% resin components, including an extra-wide 10-inch extruded resin ledge, connected to hefty 8-inch extruded resin posts and two-piece injection molded resin caps and post collars.

Sizes and Specs

Primary Specs
Round Sizes (Feet) 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33
Oval/NBS Sizes (Feet) 12x24, 16x26, 16x32, 18x33, 18x38
Additional Specs
Warranty 4/30 Years
Height 54″ Tall
Top Ledge 10″ Resin
Upright 8″ Resin
Plates Resin
Top Cap Resin
Top Track Resin
Bottom Track Resin
Wall Material Steel