The 4 Biggest Mistakes When Closing a Pool

Autumn is in full swing and winter will be making an appearance sooner than we realize. This means it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool. Closing your pool for the season sounds simple, right? Well, actually, the steps to close a pool are simple. However, if you’re not careful, you could make a pool closing mistake that will complicate the job or make it harder when it’s time to open the pool again next year. Not to worry though — we’ve got you covered! Avoid these 4 mistakes if you want a simple and successful pool closing. 

Not Cleaning Before Closing

Your pool’s dirty. Why not just skip it. You’ve got to clean it when you open the pool next year anyway, right?


Actually, cleaning your pool is one step you definitely don’t want to miss. It may look like a tiny amount of sediment on the bottom or just a handful of floating fall leaves, but you might be surprised at the mess they’ll make in your pool over the winter. Those leaves and dirt can cause algae to grow and stain your pool. 

Closing Too Early

When it comes to deciding when it is the right time to close your pool, the temperature is key. Algae love warm water. Sealing up your pool under the winter cover when the weather is warm is like sprinkling magic grow dust on the algae. Thankfully, this problem is easy to avoid. Just wait until both the air and water temperatures are below 65°F and you’re confident the weather will stay that way…or at least as confident as you can be about the weather in East Texas!

Not Balancing the Water

Adding winterizing chemicals isn’t enough. It’s still important that the water is balanced like normal before you close for the season. Before adding winterizing water care, make sure the pH is 7.2-7.6, the alkalinity is 80-120ppm, and that calcium hardness is 180-220ppm. Need help getting your water properly balanced? Get FREE water analysis in-store at Backyard Oasis. We’ll test your water, pinpoint your issue and make recommendations about the best water care products for your specific needs. You’ll have the perfect pool closing, and an exceptional pool opening next year.

Failing to Remove Water from the Lines and Equipment

Should a freezing spell hit, you won’t want water in your plumbing lines or equipment that could burst them. To be safe, when you winterize, make sure you drain water from the filter, plumbing lines, and all the other equipment. 

If you avoid these 4 pool closing mistakes, opening your pool next spring will be simple! Or, if you prefer, leave your pool closing to us. Request service and we’ll make sure your pool closing is handled correctly. There’s no better time to contact Backyard Oasis for all your pool closing needs.