The 5 Best Books To Read By Your Pool This Summer

If you’re much of a bookworm, you’re already scouting for the 5 best books to read by your pool this summer. We’ve got you covered with these must-reads; suited for those drama seekers, non-fiction adorers, and those in between.

Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Twelve year old Edward Alder is the only survivor in a plane crash with relentless media attention. Follow this story about loss of self and rediscovery with a box of tissues nearby. You’ll be wiping tears throughout Edward’s depictions of grief and reconciling with what it means to live.

The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

Truth be told, we decorate our lives with exaggerations. They complement our history with a little more flavor. Sometimes they veil details we’d rather pardon. But what would happen if we told our stories with total transparency? The Authenticity Project explores the lives of several people who write their true stories in a notebook left in Monica’s Café. Some find that their lives flourish with newfound authenticity. Others discover it with love. Which trajectory might yours follow?

House Lessons by Erica Bauermeister

Have you ever dreamt of completely renovating your place? Have you thought about the reasons why? It’s because the room we live in impacts our lives tremendously. In House Lessons, Erica Bauermeister renovates a disheveled household from the bottom up, illustrating how architecture and the pieces inside psychologically move us. Read this memoir if home is more than meets the eye to you.

Long Bright River by Liz Moore 

In Philadelphia, two sisters are placed at a riveting juxtaposition: Kacey is struggling with an opioid addiction, and Mickey fosters a formidable police career. While the two don’t speak anymore, a string of murders causes Mickey to obsess over the case with Kacey’s safety as the ultimate goal. If you’re looking to be enveloped in a story of crime, family, and reconciliation, Long Bright River is the perfect poolside companion.

Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby

Transitioning from the bustle of Chicago to the quaintness of suburbia is a welcome change of pace for some. But for Samantha Irby, it brings feelings of displacement, irony, and often flat out unflattering emotions. Wow, No Thank You is a compilation of hilariously relatable essays that will have you laughing at your own life a little more by the end of it.

There you have it: The 5 best books to read by your pool this summer. Do you need a pool to go with all those books? Let us help! Backyard Oasis is your premier local pool authority. The options for pool shapes and designs are endless. From gorgeous in-ground custom designs to affordable above-ground options, we have your perfect retreat for backyard reading this summer. Contact us today for your free consult. We’ll get you on your way to a summer you love.