The 6 Hottest Hot Tub Accessories Right NOW

No doubt your hot tub has become one of your favorite things in the world. It provides stress-relief, eases joint and muscle pains, increases your flexibility, it even helps with headaches…what’s not to love!? But if you want to take your spa to the next level, consider adding some of these amazing hot tub accessories to your backyard oasis.

Cover Lifter

Without assistance, sometimes hot tub covers can be cumbersome. But with a cover lifter, it’s easy! Plus, when you use a cover lifter, your hot tub cover doesn’t end up on the ground, which protects it from damage. 

Wireless Monitor

Would you like to watch the big game or stream an episode of your favorite show while you relax in your spa? You need the Hot Spring® Spas 22” HD Wireless Monitor! You can add a streaming stick or connect to any of your in-home video sources so you can watch anything. Your hot tub will become your favorite theater seat! 

Bluetooth Sound System

How much would you love listening to a podcast, the game, or some relaxing music while you relax in the warm water of your spa? The Hot Spring Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology is just what you need. This wireless speaker will elevate your hot tub experience.

Cool Zone™ Hot Tub Cooling System

Did you know that cold water hydrotherapy can be just as beneficial in some cases as warm water hydrotherapy? Professional athletes often use cold water therapy to bring down swelling and inflammation to recover faster after games and workouts. And now you can too! With the Cool Zone Hot Tub Cooling System, you can cool the water to a chilly 60°F. Then, the system works with your hot tub’s heater to efficiently raise the water temperature back to normal in just a few hours. Besides athletes, a hot tub cooling system is ideal for enjoying your hot tub on the hottest days of summer, as well as for families who need to frequently adjust the water temperature to accommodate small kids. 

Remote Monitoring System

Wouldn’t it be nice if your hot tub alerted you when it needed to be serviced? And how convenient would it be to adjust the temperature from your living room? With the Connextion™ Remote Monitoring System from Hot Spring Spas, you can do that and more! Turn your hot tub on when you’re on your way home so it will be ready when you get there. Check on your hot tub when you’re on vacation. This monitoring system can even message both you and your dealer when your spa needs serviced.

Privacy Screen

If too-close neighbors have ever put a damper on your hot-tubbing plans, consider adding a privacy screen. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that will complement your outdoor space. Or, instead of a privacy screen, get creative and make your hot tub area private with cleverly arranged potted plants or landscaping, a pergola, or a spa-side umbrella. 

When you add one (or more!) of these awesome hot tub accessories to your backyard oasis, you’ll look forward to your regular hot tub soak even more! Would you like to learn more about any of these great spa accessories? Stop by our showroom in Livingston and we’ll help you take your backyard oasis to the next level.