The BEST Ways to Meet & Get to Know Your New Neighbors

You peek out the window as you see the moving van pull into the driveway across the street. New neighbors! You are excited to meet them, but want to allow them the freedom to get settled into their new abode. What are some ways you can connect and make them feel welcome? Here are a few of the BEST ways to meet and get to know your new neighbors.

Make an Effort

Don’t make your new neighbors seek you out. According to On the Go Moving, the existing neighbors should be the ones to make the first contact. One of the easiest (and nicest) ways to meet your new neighbors and welcome them to the neighborhood is to bring them a housewarming gift. A new potted plant, your award-winning berry pie, a gift card to a local restaurant, or a basket full of muffins for a quick breakfast while they unpack are all excellent ideas. You’ll get to meet them quickly, introduce yourself, and leave them with a little something they’ll appreciate.

Get Together

In the age of social distancing, plan something for the whole neighborhood, like a community garden. You can work outdoors together cultivating the soil, harvesting the bounty of produce, and letting neighbors gather whatever they can use for their own family. It’s an excellent time of bonding, a casual way to get to know each other, and a fantastic way to establish rapport and initiate conversation. Your new neighbors will get to meet everyone on the street. As a bonus, your neighborhood will be strengthened by the continuing comradery.

Invite them Over

When health matters clear, a fantastic way to know your neighbors better is to invite them to your home for an outdoor gathering. Barbecue and relax outdoors while the kids splash and play in your pool. Then top off the night with popsicles or homemade cobbler and ice cream. You’ll make memories together and your neighbors will love you for it.

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