The Environmentally-Conscious Pool Owner’s Guide to Conservation

Does the cost of running the heat and the pump ever get in the way of you enjoying your pool to the max? Don’t let high energy bills stress you out and leave you feeling guilty. You can make a few simple adjustments to reduce your pool’s energy costs by up to 75%. Slash those high bills and shrink your carbon footprint by following these tips:

  • Check Your Heater – Does your pool have a heat pump or a heater? There is actually a huge difference between these two types of heat sources. A heat pump, in most cases, is much more energy-efficient because it simply transfers heat from an electrical circuit rather than producing its own. However, if you live in a very cold climate (under 50 degrees regularly) or use your pool infrequently, a heat pump may actually consume more energy than a heater over the long haul. Typically, newer heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than the old ones. So if your pump is sucking up kilowatts consider replacing it with a high-efficiency Pentair heat pump.
  • Reduce Time Running the Pump – Many pool owners leave their pumps on way too long. Run your pump for shorter periods to reduce energy costs, say up to 6 hours a day. Consult your local energy company’s website to find out the cheapest time to use energy. The cheapest time to run your pump is usually at night.
  • Install a Timer – It’s so easy to forget to turn your pump off and unnecessarily run up your energy bill! Install a timer and program it to run 6 hours every night. Adjust the settings as needed.
  • Lower the Temperature a Few Degrees – We all love a pool that’s so warm it feels like being in a bathtub, but maintaining that heat is a huge energy drain. You can save up to 10% of your pool’s energy costs for each degree Fahrenheit that you lose. That means big gains for your wallet!

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