The Perfect Time for Your Pre-Winter Pool Closing in Texas

Living in East Texas, we’re a bit spoiled when it comes to enjoying our warm weather long after most of the country is plunged into cold. However, even in Texas, pool season has to eventually come to an end. Unless of course, you have a heated pool and don’t mind keeping up with pool maintenance all winter long; then, by all means, swim on! For the rest of us, though, there eventually comes time to close the pool. 

Is Winterizing My Pool Necessary?

Being in mild-wintered Texas, we understand why you’d wonder if you need to winterize your pool. While our January nights average just below 40°F, it’s not unheard of to dip below freezing here or there. Those rare nights have the potential to damage your pool equipment, so yes, we recommend a basic winterizing for your Texas pool. 

Why Closing Your Pool Matters

As we mentioned, winterizing protects your pool and equipment from damage. While we don’t have to do the same level of winterizing as states with harsh winters, there are still some maintenance items that need to be done. If your pool isn’t going to be in use over the winter, it’s a good idea to close it for protection — especially for the sake of your pool pump. 

The second reason winterizing and closing your pool is important is to ensure you have a good opening next spring. Did you know that a well-closed pool won’t require all that much to get the water ready for swimming when you reopen it? On the other hand, if you skip properly closing your pool, algae will have their way with your water. You’ll roll back the cover in the spring to find a green, murky swamp. It’s so easy to avoid this with the right pool closing process.

The Best Time to Close Your Pool

You can’t just decide you’re done swimming for the year and slap the winter cover on your pool. Algae and other bacteria thrive in warm water. If you close your pool too early, while the days are still warm, you’re just creating the perfect environment for algae to multiply. Instead, you need to pay close attention to the temperature. 

Once both air and water temperatures have fallen below 65°F—and you’re confident they’ll stay that way a while—it’s time to close your pool. 

Backyard Oasis carries all of the water care products you need for the perfect pool closing. With an incredible line of products from BioGuard, plus FREE computerized water analysis, our water care experts can get you exactly what you need for the perfect pool closing this year. If you plan to close your pool yourself, make sure you avoid these 4 biggest mistakes people make when closing their pool. If you’ve got any other questions about the process, or want to let our expert service team handle your pool closing, contact us today! Backyard Oasis is always on hand to make sure your pool is pristine–all year long.