Turn Your Hot Tub Into a Cooling Tub This Summer!

The beautiful rays of sunshine are starting to usher Texas into the beginnings of a steamy, sweltering summer. Although you loved soaking in your hot tub through the cooler months, summer soaking might not be at the top of your list of ways to relax. But don’t let the sultry summer ruin your hydrotherapy sessions. Turn your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer!

Hot Spring® Has the Answers

Hot Spring by Watkins Wellness has sold over one million spas worldwide. Be assured that when you purchase a Hot Spring spa, you’ve chosen the best in both hydrotherapy and technology. Guess what they offer you for summer soaking options – the conversion of your hot tub into a cool tub. That’s right! You can completely transform your hot tub into a cool backyard retreat with Hot Spring’s CoolZoneTM technology.

Beat the Heat

Let CoolZone help you beat the heat this summer. You can cool your hot tub during the day down to 60°. Then, warm it right back up to a maximum of 104° within a few hours for evening relaxation. You can also use your CoolZone as an excellent cold-water therapy resource. The CoolZone system from Hot Spring is a wonderful option for:

  •         Hot tubbers living in hot climates
  •         Grandparents and families with small children
  •         Athletes looking for cold water therapy

On Hotspring.com, one CoolZone owner says, “We absolutely love [CoolZone]! It allows us to use our spa all year long … and allows us to change temperature often when the weather gets hotter or cooler.”

Are you ready to turn your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer? Call Backyard Oasis today to add CoolZone to your existing Hot Spring spa or to check on new spa + accessory availability options. We’re your local experts in ALL THINGS summer fun!