Water Care

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Why is water care such a mystery?

While there are basic formulas, ratios, and products designed to be simple and straightforward to use, there are just so many factors that affect your pool and spa water. For instance, your neighbor’s loblolly pine. The deep section you added for your daughter’s diving lessons. The extra area for that tanning ledge, and the birds who’ve taken a liking to your elm tree. A few teenagers hanging out on the weekends.

All of these factors and more affect water chemistry in varying degrees and different times throughout the year. It’s no wonder water chemistry sometimes seems more like a black art than actual science.

That’s why Backyard Oasis sends our technicians to H2KNOW. H2KNOW is BioGuard’s ongoing dealer education program. Here, technicians learn the very latest advancements in water testing and water chemistry. Plus, they’re trained to use ALEX (short for “analysis expert”), the most advanced water testing system available to consumers in the world.

With ALEX and the training our technicians receive at H2KNOW, nobody can walk you through water testing and water care like the pros at Backyard Oasis. Whether you’re having a serious problem, like chemical-resistant algae, or just some questions, like how to handle water care the week after a big pool party, we can help.

ALEX gives far deeper and more meaningful results than a simple poolside test strip, and our technicians can make specific recommendations for basic maintenance, troubleshooting, pool and spa openings and closings, and more, using this advanced information.