What are the Typical Dimensions of a Hot Tub?

If you’re eyeing your patio, wondering if you have enough room for a hot tub, the good news is that you probably do! Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes — from cozy tubs that seat 2 people to hot tubs fit for a party that can easily seat 7 or more. But, if you’re wanting a hot tub large enough to seat your whole family, it’s helpful to have an idea about the typical dimensions of a hot tub that size. So, keep these sizes in mind. 

Hot tub sizes fall into 3 general categories.

Typical Hot Tub Dimensions

Keep in mind, your site must be larger than the dimensions of your hot tub. 

Your site will need to accommodate your spa, the foundation, and a cover lifter, plus have space around the hot tub for maintenance access. You can factor in at least 12” of clearance on three sides, and 18” or more around the access door. At Backyard Oasis, we’re a full-service spa dealer, which means we’re here to help with the whole process! So, we’ll make sure that the spa you select is sized right for your site. 

Before you pick the largest spa to fit your space, ask yourself this important question: 

How many people will be using my hot tub?

If you know just you and your spouse will be using your hot tub, you can save money by buying a smaller spa. Not only will you see savings upfront when you purchase it, but it will require less water to fill and fewer chemicals to maintain. 

But, keep in mind that one of the fun parts of owning a hot tub is entertaining with it. Kids and grandkids, neighbors and friends…everyone loves to be invited over for a hot tub party! And you’ll love that you get to spend so much more time bonding with your loved ones (sans electronic devices) when they join you for a soak in your spa. Plus, with today’s energy-efficient hot tubs, a large spa won’t affect your power bill much more than a small one. If you expect a tub-full of bathers in your spa, we have plenty of options available, like the Prism7 Person Hot Tub from the Hot Spring® Limelight® Collection.

Whatever size hot tub you need, stop by and let us show you our amazing array of Hot Spring and Freeflow® Spas. We’ll help you find the perfect one, and make sure it will fit your space well!