What’s on Your Pool Renovation Wishlist?

So, you’ve decided to renovate your pool, and now you’re just trying to decide on exactly what you want. Before you get started, allow us to make a couple suggestions of things to add to your pool renovation wishlist that will bring your aquatic enjoyment to a whole new level.

Below are seven of the top requests that we receive at Backyard Oasis® when people are wanting to start on their pool renovation:

  • Refinish or Remodel the Pool Deck
  • Build On a Waterfall Feature
  • Add Fun Features
  • Redo The Landscaping
  • Install Extra Lighting
  • Attach A Spa Area
  • Add An Entertainment Area

Some of these are a must-have for your pool, while others may be an added luxury. Take the time to read up on each of these to help make that decision. 

Refinish or Remodel the Pool Deck

The number one request we receive with a pool renovation is for help refinishing or remodeling the pool deck. The pool deck is the area framing the pool. It’s common for the deck to start to deteriorate or corrode over time, so renovating the deck is often a top priority.

Add a Waterfall Feature

Waterfalls add both elegance as well as fun for the whole family. Whether you want a big one raining into the pool, or just a small one coming from the side, it’s sure to add some character and entertainment to your pool renovation.

Add Fun Features

When looking for features to add to the fun, consider a diving board, slide, or giant pool floats. These are must if you are looking for an enjoyable time with your family in the pool during the middle of the summer. You can understand why it’s a top request from families who want to spend time together in their pool!


If the reason for your pool renovation is to add to the style and look of your pool, then redoing the landscaping should be at the top of your wishlist. To make your pool stand out, adding different landscaping pieces like plants, flowers, gravel, and mulch can increase the appeal of the pool.


Whether you want it in the pool itself or along the outside, adding lights, and often different colors of lights can increase the safety and enjoyment of being in the pool. Not to mention, extra lights can help set up a romantic evening if that’s what you’re looking for.

Add A Spa Area

There’s not much that better than being able to jump from the refreshing pool to the hot tub and spa area to help relax. If you have a separate hot tub and pool right now, then this should be at the top of your pool renovation wishlist.

Add An Entertainment Area

By adding an area for things like grilling, tanning, a fire pit, or entertaining, a side area where the poolside party never has to end is fun for the whole family whether you’re in the pool or not.

At Backyard Oasis, we strive to bring your aquatic dreams to life! Need some inspiration for your pool remodel? Check out our gallery of ideas online!  Give us a call at 936-327-2531 today to get started on your Livingston pool remodel!