What’s the Difference in an Entry-Level & High-End Hot Tub?

There are so many hot tubs on the market today. From perfect mini plug-and-play spas to Bluetooth compatible, LED light-show-spectacular, outdoor television pop-ups, the choices today are vast.

But, is there really THAT huge of difference in an entry-level hot tub as opposed to a high-end spa?

The short answer: Yes.

Think of it like this: When you are shopping for a new car, what are you looking for? A basic Ford Taurus with an eight-track deck that will get you where you want to go? Or are you longing for a souped-up, seven-seater Hummer with leather seats, speakers that make the windows rattle, and ground effect lighting that makes everyone’s gaze linger as you drive past?

That same sort of analogy goes for hot tubs. There’s the nice, basic ones that get the job done. But then… Oh, then there’s the grand luxury vehicle-of-a-hot-tub that gives you all the gorgeous, comfortable, transformational perks your heart could ever desire.

So what factors are there to consider when you are looking for your perfect hot tub?

Efficiency—Although you will pay a little more for an energy-efficient hot tub on the front end, your long-term savings will be substantial. Energy efficient tubs can cost as little as $10 to $20 per month to operate.

Quality—The better the quality of your hot tub, the longer the life. A top-of-the-line hot tub earns its keep by working better and lasting longer. For hot tub lovers who want years upon years of enjoyment from their investment, quality equals longevity.

Design—There are important design features that add value to your hot tub. Some features like luxurious lounges, rotating massage jets, and circuit seating can add value through health benefits and functionality. Other design features like a cabinet shell and insulation that minimize heat loss can also add value.

Size—Another thing to consider when purchasing your hot tub is the size. If you are needing to save a few dollars here and there, size is one option you can control. Smaller hot tubs cost less to purchase and to operate, but they also seat fewer guests. If price isn’t an option, there are hot tubs that seat a considerable number of guests!

Features—Hot tub features and accessories add value to your hot tub. A model with exterior lighting, water features, dozens of gorgeous jets, and tons of seating are going to be more expensive (and more enjoyable!). With additional features such as a wireless entertainment system, remote control operation, advanced water technology, or over-tub umbrella, you can add even more fun.

Brand—Another factor you will want to consider is the hot tub brand and reputation. Are the hot tub reviews amazing and the brand reputable? Have others been happy with their purchase long-term? Does the brand offer excellent customer care and warranties long after you’ve made your purchase? A purchase from a big box store may lower your up-front purchase price, but don’t expect the customer care, quality, efficiency and beautiful design like a hot tub purchased from an authorized dealer.

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