Who Needs a Home Gym? 3 Unique Ways to Get Fit in a Backyard Pool

Your backyard pool offers a totally immersive environment to get your workout regimen on track. You can target virtually any muscle in your body in a pool, making it the most versatile piece of gymnastic equipment imaginable. Really, who needs a home gym when you can use your pool to get fit in a variety of unique ways?

You will burn more calories faster than running or walking on the treadmill when you work out in a pool because of the property of resistance. Plus, aquatic exercise is low-impact, so those of us with joint and muscle pain or injury can stay active too. Not to mention, working out in your own pool is just more fun than doing it anywhere else. Everyone knows you can swim laps, run, or walk in your pool, so here are 3 more creative ways to get your blood pumping:

Water Boxing

It’s no secret that people who work out in water on a regular basis tend to have great muscle tone and a strong core. Here’s an idea, raise your heart rate and get a fantastic cardio workout at the same time by water boxing. Go freestyle or use waterproof dumbbells in two-minute intervals, and rest for a minute between each round. When you combine boxing with jogging, your punches and kicks create diagonal currents that push and pull against your abdominal muscles. Water boxing is truly an extraordinary core and cardio routine.

Aquatic Yoga

You can perform most yoga exercises in your backyard pool or hot tub. The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on your muscles and joints, and hot water loosens up your muscles to stretch more readily. Combine a short yoga routine with any other workout as a warmup and cooldown. Aquatic yoga will help you stay flexible, improve balance, and prevent injury. 

Wall Shimmy

The wall shimmy is an easy way to tone up your shoulders and back and improve your grip. To do it, simply grab hold of the edge of your pool. Then, use your feet and hands to move laterally around the perimeter of the pool. Do one complete rotation and then switch directions to get an even workout.  

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