Why Fall is the Best Time to Schedule a Pool Renovation

The summer sun is blazing, and you are longing for a cool dip in your backyard pool. But there are issues… several issues, in fact. What you wouldn’t give for a beautiful oasis that was a show-stopping place for all things summer fun, instead of the outdated pool you currently have. But it’s already part of the way through swim season and you feel like you’ve missed the opportunity for a pool renovation this year. But wait! You might be surprised when we say that fall is actually the BEST time to schedule a pool renovation. Here’s why.

Use Your Summer Pool

One of the biggest benefits to scheduling a fall renovation is that you can continue to use your pool through the summer. If your pool does not have damage and just needs some cosmetic updating, go ahead and fill and maintain the pool to get the most summer use out of it. If your pool has more than cosmetic issues and needs repairs and some extra TLC, let’s get you on the schedule so that those issues don’t become worse.

Pool renovation? The Competition Falls Away

When summer pool builds slow down, it’s a great time for contractors to turn their attention to pool renovations. During spring and summer, there’s a lot of clamor from people who are setting consultations, designing dreams, and building pools. So, when you wait for fall, you may notice that your pool renovation goes more smoothly and quickly. It’s a great time to make your renovation dreams happen. Plus, you’ll have a pool that’s ready for your superb springtime opening in just a few months!

Your Landscaping will Love You

Something that people do not usually consider is the toll that a renovation can take on their backyard landscaping. If you have minor cosmetic updates or need a new vinyl liner, the damage can be minimal to your lawn and landscaping. However, heavy equipment, or more complex additions like concrete work and new decking, can make a landscaping update a necessity, as well. Fall is the perfect time to change things up. If you want a totally new look for both your pool and your yard, schedule your landscape update to follow your beautiful new pool renovation. According to Lowe’s home improvement store, fall is actually the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, grass, and more. With the cooler fall weather, your new plants will have time to get established, grow deep roots, and thrive – bringing beautiful color and texture to your incredible new outdoor space.

Backyard Oasis is your trusted local pool renovation company. With decades of experience, we will get you the pool renovation you’ve been longing for. What type of update are you interested in? View our renovation options and scheduling services today. With financing available, you can get started this fall on the pool design and renovation of your dreams. Contact us today!