Why is a Hot Tub Cover Important?

Is your hot tub cover looking a little saggy? Are there cracks or is it heavier than it used to be? Those are all signs your cover has worn out. It’s inevitable for even the best hot tub cover. But why is that such a big deal? Your cover protects your spa in many ways. Here’s why a hot tub cover is important. 

Energy Efficiency Starts With a Good Hot Tub Cover

If you get a high-end hot tub, like an energy-efficient Hot Spring® Spa, it will only make the smallest impact to your utility bills. Of course, a high-end spa includes premium components and insulation that prevent it from losing heat and working too hard to heat the water … but your hot tub cover is critical to this process. Leave your hot tub cover off and any hot tub, even the best of the best, will drive up your utility bills. 

That’s because your spa cover traps heat in, so your hot tub heater doesn’t have to keep running constantly to maintain the water temperature. It also prevents water evaporation, which will save on your water bill. 

Your Cover Also Keeps Out Dirt & Debris

This one may seem obvious — no one wants to find dirty water when they head out for a relaxing soak — but the effects may be bigger than you first think. When your hot tub is uncovered and dirt and debris freely enters the water, it throws off your water balance. So, you’ll buy more chemicals than you would normally need to, and you’ll spend more time balancing the water. 

Plus, if your hot tub water is always getting dirty because it’s uncovered and debris falls into the water all day every day, your simple quarterly cleaning isn’t going to be enough. By that time, your shell could already be stained, or even worse, scratched.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to happen to you! Just use your cover faithfully and you’ll be good. 

Now that you know how important it is to use a hot tub cover, you’re probably wondering how to make sure it’s in good shape. 

Don’t Miss These Signs That It’s Time for a New Cover

If you’ve got a Hot Spring® Spa, it came with a high-quality cover. But remember, it’s out there protecting your spa from the elements, handling wind, rain, limbs, and the like … so after a while (every 3-5 years on average) every cover is going to need to be replaced. Here are a few signs that it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Cracks, tears, or obvious damage
  • Sagging in the middle 
  • It’s become heavy and cumbersome (that means it’s holding water)
  • It has an odor
  • The straps or locks are broken
  • It doesn’t seal properly anymore

If your cover is cracked, damaged, or holding water, it’s unable to do its job well. To avoid heat and water loss, your cover should be flat, smooth, and undamaged. 

Even more important than conserving energy, your hot tub cover is the first line of defense for keeping uninvited bathers out of the water. Tor that reason and more, if it’s showing its age, it’s time to get a replacement. If that’s you, or if you’ve got other questions about caring for your spa, come see us in Livingston. We’re here to help you keep your own backyard oasis in tip-top shape!