Winter Pool Water Care for Texans

Texans know that the weather is unpredictable and ever-changing! Winters in Texas can be bitterly cold or mildly cold, and some days feel like multiple seasons make a brief appearance within just hours of each other. Because of the fact that cold weather could hit at a moment’s notice, pool care must remain a priority, even during the cooler months when the pool is not in active use. At Backyard Oasis, we specialize in inground and above-ground pools. We have the answers you need for all of your winter pool water care questions, along with a vast selection of pool supplies to make it happen!

Keeping the Water

Since we are talking about pool water care, first it is imperative to know that water must remain in the pool, even during the winter! For an above-ground pool, leaving water the water level up helps to prevent the liner from shrinking. The water also helps to protect the pool against strong winds and can prevent other damage too, such as holes from falling branches. For an inground pool, keeping water inside helps to protect the pool when the ground around it freezes.  

Balancing the Chemicals

Even during the winter months, you must regularly check the chemical levels in the water. The pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels must remain balanced and in the correct range to keep the pool from developing unwanted scum or algae growth. An algaecide can help regulate the water during this time as well. A high-quality option from Bioguard® is a great way to keep your water clean and healthy throughout the winter season.

Preparing to Cover

If you are not planning to use the pool at all for an extended period of time, a cover is an easy way to protect your pool water during the off season. There are a few types of pool covers to choose from – a solid winter cover, a solar cover, or a mesh cover. If you plan on frequent quick openings, a solar or mesh option would work well. A solid winter cover is not as easily removed, but offers more protection long-term. Covering the pool will also keep you from having to brush it or vacuum it, making quick work of your pool opening event as soon as the weather warms up. A cover can also keep animals from finding their way into the water, causing damage and keeping them safe from harm.

Controlling With a Thermostat

One final thing to consider having on hand to get your pool through the winter: a freeze guard. If the temperature drops too low at any point, this special type of thermostat will override your pool pump timer to turn it on. This prevents your pool’s water from freezing on those nights the temperature gets sneaky and drops below freezing unexpectedly. Just set the temperature on the switch to around 37 degrees. The freeze guard should automatically kick on before the water reaches the freezing point.

Maintaining the Pool Year-Round

The backyard pool is often the focal point of the landscaping layout. Keep your centerpiece beautiful year-round by taking precautions to care for the pool water – even in the winter. For any other questions you have about caring for your pool water during the winter, contact one of our pool experts today!